About Us,

Daksh Soda & Drinks also known as Daksh beverages produces soda and various flavored packed drinks and supply them across western Maharashtra. The soda produced by Daksh is very famous amongst the hotels, restaurants, bars across the western Maharashtra for being proper concentrated and chilled as it is required for drinks. Daksh has also been able to maintain such high quality in there other flavored drinks. We are known to serve all time fresh, chilled drinks and soda in the industry.Daksh is a proprietorship firm started by a young and dynamic gentleman, Mr. Rakesh Govind Jadhav. Mr. Rakesh is a businessman who is running various businesses successfully. His other ventures are RJ Enterprises which supplies all construction material such as, Cement, Steel, Hardware, Tiles, etc and he is also a partner and a director of an IT company, Servenergy ITC Pvt Ltd.